Owner TitanicHunter
Status online
IP 2b2t.org
Website https://discord.gg/SYjSwM6ZpE
Players 0/0
Version 1.12.2
Rank 3
Votes 3
Uptime 100%
Last Check Check Pending
Country United States
Types AnarchySurvivalPvP

who-quotations.craft.playit.gg is running on Paper 1.16.5 But you can join on **(1.9.4 to Latest release)** and has many plugins making a much better anarchy experience, spawn is pretty griefed now due to a past tnt dupe. Hacking/greifing/whatever you want is allowed (in the minecraft server, not in discord server) try your best to conquer spawn, good luck!
Website: https://corruptanarchy.wixsite.com/corruptanarchy